Detecting the Signs of a Hidden Water Leak

Detecting the Signs of a Hidden Water Leak

Spotting A Water Leak

The problems associated with an obvious water leak can be severe, but it’s the warnings that go unnoticed that are often even more precarious.

Undetected water leaks can make your bathroom a black hole of dollar signs that can end up costing you a whole lot of bills. Coupled with the expense, water damage can also make your home unsafe and unfit for your family. Not addressing these issues immediately can lead to more expansive damage in your walls, flooring and even cause major health issues.

Sometimes the signs of water damage are subtle. Thus, we suggest keeping your eyes peeled for more slight changes.

The Damp Cabinet

When you reach inside your bathroom cabinet for spare soap or toilet paper and your hand feels a bit of moisture – Houston, you have a problem. A saturated cabinet means there is a water supply line leak. There are a couple possible solutions to this problem. First, try tightening the packing nut. If that doesn’t work, and you’re still noticing stains or puddles you may need to replace the entire valve.

Damaged Floor Around Shower

Signs of damaged flooring can come in the form of lose tiles, curling vinyl and stains or cracks. The floor may also feel spongy or unstable. These problems are typically a result of repeated abuse from spilt water. Make sure to pull your curtain or shower door closed tight enough that water cannot escape. If needed you can also caulk your doorframes, and make sure to use a bathmat upon exiting. If your bathroom floor seems weak, it is likely that hidden standing water is to blame.

Shower Tiles and Mold

Water from your shower can make its way under tiles and eventual create mold, which is not only aesthetically displeasing, but it is also terrible for your health. This happens when water penetrates caulking or grout between tiles. The best thing you can do is remove the damaged tiles, grout and caulking immediately. Replacing these materials will be much cheaper than waiting and having to replace the backer board, too.

The Throne Rock

There is nothing more disturbing than sitting atop your throne and noticing some involuntary rocking. Without a doubt, this unpleasant surprise weighs heavy on your heart and your bathroom, and the issue could be a flange leak. Somehow water has caused the wax seal to break, thus, resulting in your rocking commode. The solution is to replace your wax ring and even up the floor with toilet shims.

Loose Faucet

A loose faucet is a problem in many homes. It can indicate a hidden leak in the sink rim. This causes water to get under the base of the faucet. Fortunately, it is an easy fix. Tighten it from under the sink and if it is necessary re-caulk around its base so it doesn’t jiggle and water does not escape.

 Final Notes

Since hidden water leaks can often cause more damage than visible leaks, it’s important to notice the small signs that could indicate a hidden leak. The sooner you detect and repair a leak, the better off your bank account will be.

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