How to Diagnose a Low Water Pressure Problem

How to Diagnose a Low Water Pressure Problem

The Slow Trickle

There is nothing worse than getting ready for a nice hot shower, turning on the water, only to find that the water is merely trickling out.

Plumbers call this problem “low flow”. Homeowners might call it a few choice names, but it’s most commonly referred to as low water pressure. Unfortunately, this predicament exists in many homes, but there is a silver lining – there are a number of ways to fix this issue. The first step in repairing your low pressure is identifying what is causing it. In most cases this process starts with a little troubleshooting and information gathering.

Ask Around

Ask your neighbors if they are experiencing something similar. If you go ripping things apart before you’ve asked around, you could quite possibly be creating much more work for yourself.

If a few of your neighbors are having related issues, get on the phone with your utilities provider and ask if they are aware of the problem and if they are working to fix it. If it has been a long standing issue that seems to be a trend in your community request a water pressure booster. This will increase pressure from the main line, thus, making a more steady flow in your home.

Main Shut Off Valve

Check that the main shut-off valve is fully open. If not, then you’re in luck! You can fix this problem without the need of a plumber. Just open it up. If you happen to see standing water around the shutoff valve, then you have a water leak that needs repair.

Pressure Reducing Valve

If you asked your neighbors, called your provider, checked your main shut off valve and still haven’t come up with a solution, you may want to consider your water pressure reducing valve. These devises are installed to regulate water flow taken from the supply line. This time we DO suggest calling in a professional and having he or she set it on a higher flow.

Aerator Clog

If only one fixture in your home is having a low water pressure problem, then it might just be an aerator clog. Remove the nozzle, looking for build-up and then soak in a vinegar-water solution. If this doesn’t help, purchase a replacement or call a plumber. It could be the supply line going to the fixture.

If you’ve checked these things and still can’t find the source of your low water pressure problem, then call your local plumber.

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